Few areas of recruitment are more dynamic than I.T. and few are as demanding in their needs for specialist skill-sets and the ability to meet constant changes.

The future is bright for both the right recruitment services and the right candidates to continue the growth of New Zealand’s I.T. Industry. With over 90,000 people employed in I.T. and that number growing year on year, we take a look at some key points for recruiters, clients and candidates to reflect on.

Technology’s increased specialisation

As technology becomes more integrated into nearly every aspect of our lives so does the uniqueness of products and services to develop and support it. Companies need increasingly specialised skills in their workforce which are often hard to define and need to understand the changing expectations of candidates which is sometimes a difficult route to navigate. That’s where we step in – we know how to filter candidates to put forward those with the right qualities for clients and conversely we understand I.T. so that candidates know they are in safe hands. We understand the expectations of both parties – the result is we offer value-added management of a two-way relationship for the benefit of all.

Flexibility is now the norm

I.T. has long been associated with contract work and it’s high percentage of project-driven requirements, along with candidates versed in employment mobility and armed with transferable skill-sets means a growing shift from permanent to contract roles. We see ourselves as part of this natural change – in effect we have become talent managers developing long-term relationships with candidates as they progress through changing opportunities. Smaller companies in particular are less likely to have talent-pools – that is where we step in to provide a willingly flexible work force to meet their short and long-term needs.      

The right fit in a global economy

In the past the demand for I.T. candidates in New Zealand has met challenges with insufficient local candidates coming into the industry. With New Zealand now a top destination for migration the country has benefitted from a better supply of overseas trained engineers, though we are aware candidates need to be carefully checked for the validity of their qualifications. As recruiters we draw on our skills and experience to minimise these risks and, along with our screening tools, are well placed to maximise the suitability of candidate / client pairing. Carefully managed the global economy, which NZ is now very much part of, is an exciting opportunity for local I.T. companies to grow. Our overseas reach is particularly valuable to seek out specialist skills not acquired locally now and in the future.  

Somethings never change …

Like all businesses we rely heavily on technology – it is fully integrated into everything we do. However, we never lose sight of the fact that recruitment is about relationships. Face-to-face meetings, phone calls, remembering that companies are made of people, not just machines, and being open and honest is at our core. In the constantly changing world of technology recruitment adapts too but for us this ethos always remains at the heart of what we do.

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The changing face of I.T. Recruitment