From January 14th 2020 Microsoft will no longer be releasing patches and updates for the ubiquitous and much-trusted Windows 7.

Some estimates suggest Windows 7 is still used on 40% of computers, even though it is a decade old. There was a time back in 2015 when you could update to Windows 10 for free but for many businesses this was not a wise choice as newly released software users are often perceived as beta-testers. That ‘free’ opportunity has long since elapsed but in the 4 years since Windows 10 has earned a reputation as a solid operating system. READ MORE…




The changing face of I.T. Recruitment

Few areas of recruitment are more dynamic than I.T. and few are as demanding in their needs for specialist skill-sets and the ability to meet constant changes.

The future is bright for both the right recruitment services and the right candidates to continue the growth of New Zealand’s I.T. Industry. With over 90,000 people employed in I.T. and that number growing year on year, we take a look at some key points for recruiters, clients and candidates to reflect on. READ MORE…




It is widely acknowledged that there is a serious shortage of ECE Teachers in New Zealand.

Employers can maximise their prospects of being fully-staffed by looking at all opportunities to help their recruitment and retention rates.

Pay is only part of the equation

Pay, whilst a key component of any employment, needs to be looked at as part of the whole package. Often the ‘perks’ and other support provided by centres mark them out as an attractive place to work for candidates. READ MORE…