Search and Selection

HQ delivers superior results in attracting, assessing, and placing, talented professionals into temporary, contract and permanent positions.

Our team consists of reliable, proficient people, with a high attention to detail who have the ability to work to deadlines, whilst under pressure. We compliment existing workforces daily by providing the best candidates the market has to offer. We accurately identify what our clients need and what our candidates are capable of to match the criteria and skill-set, by utilising a wealth of experience. We never cut corners on Health and Safety and each role has its hazards identified, when we educate candidates prior to arriving on site.

All our contract and permanent candidates are briefed with a full overview of the client we are working for, together with the latest scientifically proven assessment strategies to ensure the right fit. We offer a range of services from confidential head-hunting to advertised campaigns, whilst always utilising our existing talent pools and business networks.

Search and Selection

Psychometric Testing


A psychometric assessment is a tool used by psychologists to gain a better understanding of a person’s ability and personality. It involves a series of questions that are answered by the candidate and then scored and interpreted to develop a profile that includes information that cannot be obtained by interviews or reference checks alone.

Psychometrics do not replace traditional techniques such as interviewing, instead, they complement them by providing additional information. This provides a more accurate picture of the candidate.

Here at HQ Recruiting we offer psychometric testing as an addition to our regular services. We have chosen to invest in this in order to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Permanent / Contract Full-Time

HQ works closely with our clients, offering innovative recruitment strategies. We start the process by investing time to learn about your business, the people and the values, together with the teaching philosophies. We then provide our clients with an overview of our recommendations, this includes the following:

  • A summary of our understanding of the role, including the competencies/values we will be structuring our search and selection process against.
  • A copy of our proposed advertisement and costs associated.
  • Where applicable our recommendation regarding psychometric assessment, NZDDA drug and alcohol testing, and a medical examination. We manage this independently if you do not have established suppliers.
  • A timeline schedule through to placement end, including proposed dates for long-list and short-list presentation and interviewing.
  • A quotation of the financial investment and guarantees that we provide.
  • A post-placement schedule including regular client and candidate follow ups.

Permanent Contract Full-Time

Temporary Part Time

Temporary Part Time

When we receive notification that our clients require relieving staff, we ensure we have been to site and have a comprehensive understanding of the tasks required. We issue our clients with a schedule outlining the competencies required, the name of the temporary employee selected, the charge rate per hour, together with the confirmed start date and estimated end date. This can all happen in a very short period of time.

We run a thorough assessment process to ensure our efforts result in successful placements, regardless of the duration of the assignment or the volume of candidates required. We never cut corners and if a candidate is not work ready, they are not placed at a centre. Our temporary employees are also issued a schedule outlining all the details they need to know for a seamless transition into a new team.

All HQ relieving staff are required to complete the following before being confirmed as a HQ relieving staff member:

  • Full completion of all our documentation within a timely manner (Employment Contract, Confidentiality Agreement, IRD Form)
  • A general assessment
  • A competency / value based interview specific for the type of work they seek
  • Two reference checks
  • Alcohol and drug screening if applicable
  • A MOJ check / Police Vetting
  • A full medical where applicable
  • Comprehension of the Vulnerable Children’s Act (Education applicants)

The morning of a new start, we will always speak with both parties to ensure everything is running smoothly. Our temporary workforce has the confidence that they can always contact us and we will always do our best to assist them. Clients engaging our temporary staff services are always refreshed by how quickly we respond to their needs and the quality and calibre of our Temporary Employees. Wherever possible, if a Temporary Employee is selected to become a Permanent Employee, we see that as a great outcome for all parties.

All our clients must have signed our Terms of Business and have been issued with a copy to engage our services.