It is widely acknowledged that there is a serious shortage of ECE Teachers in New Zealand.

Employers can maximise their prospects of being fully-staffed by looking at all opportunities to help their recruitment and retention rates.

Pay is only part of the equation

Pay, whilst a key component of any employment, needs to be looked at as part of the whole package. Often the ‘perks’ and other support provided by centres mark them out as an attractive place to work for candidates.

Examples can include:

  • Car parking – this is seen as highly desirable, especially in inner-city areas, if paid for where the centre does not have its own parking spaces
  • Free tea/coffee and/or lunch
  • Flexible working hours – this is often cited as very important to employees who, by that nature of their career choice, are often care-givers for their own families
  • Free uniform – protecting your staff’s clothes has a long-term financial advantage
  • Free doctor visits and/or health insurance cover
  • Non-contact time – this takes pressure off planning, preparation and administration tasks otherwise needed to be done outside of working hours
  • Subsidised childcare
  • Time off for professional development & training courses (renewing teaching practising certificate, first aid refresher courses, etc.)
  • Paid staff social outings
  • Enhanced sick leave (beyond the minimum statutory rates)
  • Extra annual leave – even small amounts can be significant
  • Kiwisaver and superannuation – are you offering the legal minimum or more?

Your work environment

A great working environment that is socially supportive, well managed, and has the right core values all add up to an attractive place to work.

ECE work is very much team work and leadership needs to reflect this. An atmosphere of respect, clear areas of responsibility, professional management skills and team collaboration ensures everyone is valued.

Policies clearly outlining expectations in regards to professional standards, health and safety, whistle-blowing etc should be available and at the heart of your business.

Happy staff are you best PR and make for a centre with the great reputation, not just with children, parents and caregivers but prospective employees.

Whether you are an employer or candidate, contact us to find out how we can help.

Attracting and retaining ICE Teachers in NZ